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This webpage has been especially designed to help you improve your support play in football games. Your mission is to complete all the homework tasks below and identify two key specific things that you want to work on and try to improve in your practice sessions, team training or on your own. 

We will be looking at different types of support movements, and studying the play of Barcelona. We will also watch Maicon and learn about movements in wide areas and Rose Lavelle and learn about movements in central areas.

We'll be talking about 1-2s and overlaps later, so let's first refresh on exactly what we mean:

There is no short-cut for improving your weaker foot. It will take hours and hours of practice, it may feel awkward, and you will make mistakes. But the time you spend is worth it, and you will improve quickly if you put the effort in.


The first video (right) shows a 1-2 move.

How many players are involved in a 1-2? How many passes?

What movement does the first player make after they have played the first pass?


The second video (right) shows an overlapping move involving Brazilian wide defender, Maicon.

Two or more people are involved in an overlap. The key movement is for one player (called the overlapping player) to make a run around the outside of another player. This usually happens in wide areas of the pitch.

Now let's look at examples of these moves from professional teams, and see what we can learn from them.


Watch the video below of some superb futsal team play, and choose your favourite 1-2 move.

  • Is the first pass of a 1-2 to feet or to space? What about the second pass? Why is the second-pass usually one-touch?


This video of Roberto Carlos (below) shows how a wide defender can start and join the attack.

  • Can you spot any overlapping runs? 
  • What other movements does Carlos make to support his passes?


US World Cup Winner, Rose Lavelle plays in the number 10 position, which means she is an attacking midfield player. This video starts off by exploring the key skills of the number 10 position, and then shows clips of Lavelle playing against England in the World Cup.

Watch Lavelle's movements off the ball, and see how she sometimes doesn't need to move much in order to get into great positions to support team-mates.

  • What skills does she have in order to understand where and when to move?
  • What can you take from her game and try to copy into your own game?

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For most topics, there will be a PRINT OUT at the bottom of the page. You need to print this, complete the questions, and take to your coach. You need to do this so the coaches know what you are working on and are able to help you.

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