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You have completed the form, chosen a topic area, completed video tasks and identified two aims. It is now time to practice these two specific things you have identified as being important to work on. This final webpage will help you with that practice.  

Depending on your area of study, you may have met Dan Coyle before. Either way, watch the video on the left and consider how this relates to your own practice. Dan recommends that we start slow, and focus hard. Aim to get the basics right, and add speed later. 

Below are three videos taken from Dan Coyle's book 'The Little Book of Talent'. These tips and advice could be really useful.  

Practising with your team and coach

If you have a regular team and coach that you practice with, then you really need to let them know what you are working on. It'd be a great idea to complete the form from the previous page and take this to your coach to help them understand what you have been studying and what areas you want to improve.  Your team-mates could offer you lots of support, advice and encouragement as long as they know what you are trying to achieve - so make sure you share your aims with them too.

Practising on your own

You may also practice on your own - either in addition to your team training sessions, or because you are not currently part of a team or do not work with a coach. If this is the case, perhaps you could find someone - a parent or friend - who could help you with your practice. 

When you practice on your own, try to make practice situations as realistic as possible. For example, if you are practising a football skill, then see if you can work within the same space of a real game.  


Top 5 tips for practising

1. Keep a journal

Write down how you are doing. Identify what you are finding tricky. This will help you to focus on specific aims, and also to notice how often you practice and which kinds of practice seem to be working best.

2. Record yourself

If you are working on a specific aspect of your game, then watching yourself in action can be a useful to identify how to get even better. Nothing fancy needed, just a friend with a smartphone.

3. Share your aims

People around you can offer support if they know what you are working on. This can be away from the usual football friends, and include family and coaches.

4. Keep it regular

Try to find regular spots in your week when you can practice, and also times in your week when you can reflect on how you are learning and what you could do more or less of to improve even faster.

5. Seek feedback

Try to find someone who knows about your study area - perhaps a coach, parent or teacher. Or it could be a friend or team-mate who you think is very able in the area you want to work on. Ask them to observe you and give you help.

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