Session timetable

Our session timetable

Ministry of Football sessions are on Sundays 11am to 1pm in Muswell Hill for ages 4 years old to 12 years old. 

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Summer term 2023-24

Sunday 21st April to Sunday 21st July, at Fortismere School sports hall, N10 1NE:

  • Ages 5 to 8 at 11am
  • Ages 9 to 1ยง at 12pm

Thursday Futsal Club:

Thursday 18th April to Thursday 18th July, at Totteridge Academy, N20 8AZ for ages 12 to 13 at 5.45pm

Summer term 2023-24


Day of week

Type of session



School years


Start date

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Total # sessions

Spaces remaining

Spaces remaining

Fortismere, Muswell Hill


Skill development

11am to 12pm

5-8 (approx)



21st April 2024

21st July 2024

26th May and 2nd June 2024



Fortismere, Muswell Hill


Skill development

12pm to 1pm

8-11 (approx)



21st April 2024

21st July 2024

26th May and 2nd June 2024



Totteridge Academy


Futsal Club

5.45pm to 7pm




18th April 2024

18th July 2024

30th May 2024



For map and directions for Fortismere School, click here. Or search Ministry of Football in Google maps. 

Skill development sessions, ages 4-12

Our sessions for this age group are taught in groups of 6-12 children, indoors, with expert teacher. Our sessions are one hour long, and we pride ourselves on using every minute of that time for learning. We use futsal balls as this increases the amount of time the ball is on the floor and playable. Children are grouped according to their learning needs rather than their age, and this allows us to support every child at their level.

Our sessions are for all boys and girls of all abilities from the local area and sessions are filled each term on a first-to-register basis. Each programme lasts for one school term, and children joining mid-term pay for however many lessons remain following their free taster session.  

Parents and families are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch sessions. There is ample car parking at the venue. We offer free taster sessions for new children.


At our youngest ages, we focus on ball control, balance and co-ordination and understanding directional play. At older ages, our sessions are comprised of small-sided games, typically 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games, so each child gets lots of involvement. In every session, at all age groups, we insist on welcoming, friendly and positive behaviours from everyone attending. 

See timetable above for times and venues.

Futsal Club sessions for ages 12+

Our Futsal Club is a place for secondary school children to come and play, be with friends, and learn the game of futsal.

Futsal is a 5-aside game, played on a hard surface, with small goals, sidelines and a special, heavy ball. Our futsal expert coaches teach the children to play the game, including attacking and defending tactics and strategies. The video below shows some footage of our Futsal Club, as they learn about defending as a team:

Sessions usually begin with some child-led small-sided games, before moving into learning through the full 5v5 version of futsal. We aim to being in opposing teams each term to play competitive fixtures within the usual session times and at the same venue.  

See the timetable above for times and venues.  

The MoF Player Reflection Tool

We have developed a brilliant, free, online tool for young players which helps them reflect on their football learning and provides relevant content to help them grow, learn and progress. Starring Leo Messi, Steph Houghton and many more...

10 reasons to choose

Ministry of Football

Expert coaches

We believe that the key factor in any learning programme is the quality of the teacher. We are experts in children and we obssess with improving ourselves and each other.

A positive environment

Everyone is welcome at MoF. Our venues and sessions are calm, friendly and positive. We insist on inclusive, welcoming behaviours from children, especially to new families.

Excellent value-for-money

We do not have a joining fee. We do not charge for a special kit. We have no extra costs. Group size is low. All children get equal access to great learning and enjoyment.

Small-sided play

Our coaching sessions are game-based. All children get lots of involvement, lots of ball touches, lots of decisions, lots of play time. We excel in child-friendly competition.

Strong club links

Where needed, we have strong links to other football clubs in the area, both great grassroot teams and professional club academies. We can signpost you onwards when you're ready.

Family-friendly venues

We use well-equiped, indoor facilities, with easy car-parking. Parents and families are welcome to stay in the warm and enjoy watching sessions.  

A buzzing atmosphere

We create a place where children can get lost in their imagination. We believe that children deserve more than just 'fun'. We use dance music to add to the intense feel of games.

Brilliant feedback

98% of parents say that coaching is Good or Very Good. Most children tell us that MoF is their favourite weekly activity. We respond to suggestions from parents and children .

We are not a franchise

There is only one Ministry of Football! We have not diluted the experience by franchising out to beginners. We can be responsive and innovative in our approach.

We don't think we know everything

We know we are still learning. Just like the children, we try new things and explore new ways of doing things. We collaborate widely and share what we have discovered.

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