Mark Carter, Director, Ministry of Football

My passion is play, and in particular the joy and connection that happen when people come together to play and move.

I have enjoyed an interesting and varied career, mixing teaching and coaching, coach development and data analysis roles. I can't remember the last time I didn't have two jobs at the same time. More on that below if you're interested.  

In this blog, you will read about some of the discussions I have had in my head over the years. They are not necessarily meant to make sense, but might help describe my journey, challenges and considerations. I hope some of it is interesting to coaches, teachers, parents and coach educators. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more or would like to collaborate or have a chat.  

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Coaching and Coach Education

I have worked for three football NGBs, beginning my coaching journey in Papua New Guinea, where I won the PNG FA Cup in 2003.  I spent four beautiful years as Director of Coaching at the biggest football club in New Zealand, responsible for the development pathways of 2000 young players and over a hundred volunteer and paid coaches. I have coached young players at Premier League clubs, and directed and managed Ministry of Football since 2007.

Teaching and Teacher Training

Since 2014, I have led the PE Network for Future Zone - a consortium of primary and secondary schools in Islington, London. I spent three years with the English FA, as part of their PE Unit, training teachers, delivering PE CPD in schools, and developing coaches from professional clubs to deliver high-quality PE. I am the PE Chef behind the Primary PE Cook Book, a collection of PE recipes, top tips and secret ingredients for primary class teachers (@cook_pe on Twitter).

Data analytics consulting

I have a degree in Population Studies, and ten years experience of data analytics consulting and data project management. I've enjoyed working with organisations like Medical Research Council, Barclays Bank and the Care Quality Commission to help them make sense and purpose of data and relate it to strategic outcomes and the measurement of success. I spent two years as lead analyst on the government's Gifted and Talented education programme.

The MoF Player Reflection Tool

We have developed a brilliant, free, online tool for young players which helps them reflect on their football learning and provides relevant content to help them grow, learn and progress. Starring Leo Messi, Steph Houghton and many more...

More of my work...

  • I was part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group that produced the national report on PE in 2011 (here).
  • Click here for a podcast I did with adventurer/explorer Tarran Kent-Hume.
  • My podcast on Primary PE is available here on Apple podcasts and here on Soundcloud.
  • I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching in 2020, and you can read about my study into birth order and its effect on achievement in elite male football here.
  • Below is a hangout from 2016 that I did with Mark Upton and Al Smith from My Fastest Mile; and some of my thoughts on the value of Free Play.
  • In 2022, I published 'A Year of Primary PE', a manual to support the delivery of primary school Physical Education. It is available to purchase from Bloomsbury Education

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