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This webpage has been especially designed to improve your passing technique. Your mission is to complete all the homework tasks below and identify two key specific things that you want to work on and try to improve in your practice sessions, team training or on your own. You will then have to work hard to improve, and you will need to practice often and practice well. 

One of the very best ways to improve your passing technique is to practice by passing against a wall. The video on the right shows an example.


Find a wall near where you live, and practice passing against it. Aim for three times a week, for at least 20 minutes each time.

Scientists have done lots of research on how people develop skills. They have found that the best type of practice for sports is something called Deliberate Practice (or sometimes called Deep Practice). They have found that one hour of Deliberate Practice is more useful and effective than several hours of non-Deliberate Practice. Find out more about Deliberate Practice by watching the videos below.

In the first two videos expert Daniel Coyle talks about the magic and importance of practice, and how quality of time is more important than quantity of time:

Here are the key factors needed for Deliberate Practice

  • Practice needs to be intense and focused, and you need to make a lot of effort to learn. Practice should push you to the edge of your abilities, outside your comfort zone
  • It helps to set a goal for yourself so you are trying to improve at something in particular (eg. ball control, shooting on target, improving your weaker foot etc)
  • There should be repetition of key techniques or skills. Techniques should be corrected, concentrate on correcting each mistake you make
  • It helps to have an expert coach to give feedback and tuition

For some tips and help in improving your football passing accuracy, watch the video on the right. Make a note of two or three things that you can do to improve.


Watch the video below of some fantastic passes from Messi. Why are the weight and speed of the passes so important?

See how Messi passes suddenly so opponents aren't ready. He uses 'Reverse Passes' (run one way, pass the other) to disguise passes, or he chips or scoops the ball over defenders.

  • Are Messi's passes into the feet of his team-mates or into the space in-front of his team-mates? Why?


In our final two videos, World Cup Winner, Julie Ertz, and Real Madrid and Spain star, Sergio Ramos, demonstrate some excellent passing.

Julie Ertz shows great decision-making, and her weight of pass often encourages team-mates to move forward. When attacking, bad passing often can lead to interceptions, or can slow down the speed of an attack.

It is especially important to make good passes when playing in the defensive areas. Sergio Ramos plays in the sweeper role in this video, and his passes need to be very accurate and well weighted in order to give team-mates enough time and space to play the next pass.

  • What skills and abilities do Ertz and Ramos show that we have seen in earlier videos?
  • What can you take from these great players and try to use in your own game?

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For most topics, there will be a PRINT OUT at the bottom of the page. You need to print this, complete the questions, and take to your coach. You need to do this so the coaches know what you are working on and are able to help you.

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