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This webpage has been especially designed to help you improve your finishing. Your mission is to complete all the homework tasks below and identify two key specific things that you want to work on and try to improve in your practice sessions, team training or on your own.

We will look at scoring from crosses and timing of runs, and we will study the goals of Gary Linekar, Miroslav Klose and Sam Kerr. Michael Jordan will provide inspiration from the very best to help us keep trying even when it's hard to succeed. 

Here are the key points for scoring from a cross:

  • Timing and approach of your run
  • Commitment and attitude
  • Beating or losing your opponent
  • The finish itself


Gary Linekar was a master at close-range finishing. Watch the video below which shows all his 48 goals for England.

  • Find 2 goals where Linekar is tightly-marked but manages to score from a cross by getting ahead of his opponent.
  • Find 2 more goals where Linekar has to react very quickly in order to score from a cross. Notice how he is ALWAYS alert and ready to pounce!

The graphics below demonstrate the importance of timing your runs.

The timing of a run infront of goal is vitally important. If you run too early you close the space for the crosser to aim for. This space is shown by the grey boxed area in the pictures. In the left picture the striker has run early and the player with the ball only has a small area to aim for. But in the right picture, the striker has delayed their run and left a large area for the crosser to aim for.


In the video below, German striker Miroslav Klose shows us how to time runs into the box and how to score with a header.

Notice how Klose aims his headers downwards and directs them away from the goalkeeper.


"I've failed over and over again in my life... and that is why I succeed" - Michael Jordan

Often you will try to score and miss. How do you feel after this happens? What can you do to make yourself feel confident again? The link below takes you to the webpage on Confidence:

The final video is a montage of goals from the brilliant Sam Kerr of Australia. As you watch, consider that most of her goals only involve her touching the ball once or twice. Her skill is partly in being in the right place at the right time, as well as being able to finish well in a variety of different situations.


  • What do find most impressive about Sam Kerr?
  • What can you take from her game, skills or attitude and try to copy into your own game?

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For most topics, there will be a PRINT OUT at the bottom of the page. You need to print this, complete the questions, and take to your coach. You need to do this so the coaches know what you are working on and are able to help you.

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