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This webpage has been especially designed to help you improve your ability to assist or set-up goals. It's an exciting topic, and we hope you have fun exploring the content below. Your mission is to complete all the homework tasks below and identify two key specific things that you want to work on and try to improve in your practice sessions, team training or on your own.

An "assist" is a pass to a team-mate to set  them up to score a goal. A good assist needs to give them the perfect chance to score a goal. We will begin by looking at the weight, angle, timing and accuracy of the pass, studying two greats - Leo Messi and Michael Laudrup. Then we will look at crossing, and have a sneaky peak at the US Women's team training session on crossing. Finally, we will look at examples from futsal and consider the bonus of being unselfish in your play and helping others score. 


The video below shows the wonderful Leo Messi setting up chances for his team-mates. Watch the video and answer the questions below.

  • Why is the weight of the pass so important?
  • How does Messi disguise his passes so his opponents don't know what's about to happen?

When you see Messi (or other great, creative footballers) play, you will notice that they are able to move and control the ball with their head up. This allows them the chance to see runs of their team-mates and helps them to set-up scoring chances.


Another great passer of the ball at Barcelona was Michael Laudrup. Watch the video below and find your favourite three assists. Notice how Laudrup's pass and his team-mates run are beautifully co-ordinated.

  • Which usually starts first: The run or the pass?


Crossing the ball is a common way of setting-up a goal. Good crosses leave the striker with an easy job, while poor crosses can give the ball away and leave your team open to a counter-attack.


Watch the first video which shows explores some of the basic crossing techniques.

The second video of a practice session for the US Women's National Team. Watch the video and see if you spot:

  • The crosser getting their head up to look towards the goal. What information are they are looking for?
  • The timing of the cross to meet the run of the striker into the penalty box. Why does the crosser not wait until they are nearer the goal?

Our final video is a reminder that football and futsal are team games, and it doesn't matter so much who scores. Sometimes, when you are near goal, there is a team-mate in a better position than you to score. 

Can you spot some examples which show really unselfish assists in this futsal video? Can you set up your team-mates like this?

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