"Ludo has moved from the B team to the A team in his school and they play weekly against other schools. The other boys play football constantly and it is endless football for them during the week and the weekends. Ludo is an accomplished player alongside them with one hour of mof on a Sunday afternoon and the usual kickabout time he does with his dad in the park. The ethos of football is fun works well and will make him a better and happier player in the long run."

- Ludo's dad (December 2015)


"I never thought I'd see my 7-year old son execute the perfect 360. Last week, playing for his local club's under-8s, he not only did he do just that to beat his man, but he then played a lovely through ball for their striker to score. That can only have come from a year at MOF!"

- Harris's dad (December 2015)


"The main thing for me is that they enjoy it and because the teams are small they are constantly playing - not standing around waiting for a turn."

- Pablo and Raphy's mum (December 2015)


"You can see which kids in a group go to MOF: their control and skills are better developed, and they're comfortable with the ball."

- Eduardo and Raphy's dad (December 2015)


"Cody was far too nervous to play football in the playground at school. Having started at Ministry he is joining in at school and growing in confidence."

- Cody's mum (December 2015)


"Kian has improved his fitness levels immensely, non-stop playing with a football for 1 hour with only short breaks has worked wonders."

- Kian's dad (December 2014)


"The improvement in both Eduardo's football skills and his love for and interest in the game itself are really striking. The coaches are really great, and their own love of the game is infectious and inspiring for the kids."

- Eddie's dad (December 2014)


"Before Ministry of Football, our boy was a diffident footballer. He had talent, but did not believe in himself, especially when playing with larger groups or in competitive matches. MoF has allowed him to be more confident in himself, and this goes hand-in-hand with his skills improving across the board. It is the one event in the week he is not prepared to miss."

- Owen's dad (December 2014)


"Yasmin is learning to play the game rather than watch it go by, and to integrate skills into a team activity."

- Yasmin's mum (December 2014)


"He feels he can play football in a safe environment and develop his skill set whilst not being put down by his peers. He's having fun and getting fit at the same time!"

- Hal's mum (April 2014)


"They are always moving. It gets his heart rate up and keeps it there. Great exercise."

- Dan, Michael's dad (July 2013)


"Over the years, children get to play at both ends of their ability spectrum, giving them opportunities to stretch themselves and to reinforce their confidence levels - implementing the skills they've learned."

- Ed and Lou, Theo's parents (July 2013)


"He was very reluctant to join in match play but has gained in confidence over the year and now really enjoys working as a team."

- Alfie's dad (July 2013)


"Since coming to MoF Lucius has developed an understanding of control, awareness and competition. So important at an early age."

- Lucius's dad (March 2012)


"He now wants to run and practice a skill each week and is keen to explain what he is doing and why. This is totally different to the couch-potato he was previously."

- Devaughan's parents (March 2012)


"He has a better tactical awareness of the game than his friends who don't go to Ministry of Football."

- Josh's dad (Dec 2011)


"Oh wow!! What have you done to my daughter!!??? She is totally buzzing about her session and can't wait til next Sunday."

- Kate, Tabitha's mum (Sept 2011)


"Christian has got a lot from the sessions. He is learning to play as part of a team and controlling the ball a lot better, thanks to all the coaches help and support."

- Frankie, Christian's mum (July 2011)


"Jake has really enjoyed picking up new footballing skills to make him a better player."

- Jacob's dad (July 2011)


"MoF has brought Chloe out of her shell. The programme energises her and she has enjoyed the high-octane environment. Sunday evening is the perfect end - or beginning - of her week!."

- Chloe's parents (March 2011)


"Christian loves the small 2 on 2 matches, and anything where he can try to score a goal. He loves the sessions and cannot wait till the next session."

- Christian's mum (March 2011)


"Can I just say that I think the admin behind your classes is the best I've come across."

- Rebecca Eve's mum (March 2011)


"Sebastian clearly is very much into the music used at the Ministry and likes to dance along, which appears to be helping his sense of rhythm."

- Sebastian's mum (March 2011)


"Jade was a shy introverted little girl who loved to kick a ball around. Since she started at MoF she has gained skills and become an outgoing confident girl."

- Jade's mum (Dec 2010)


"The trainers (coaches!) and players are great. The atmosphere with the music is really inviting. Love it."

- Spike's dad (Dec 2010)


"An opportunity to run around indoors and learn skills at the same time. It is also improving their confidence at school."

- Joel and Daniel's parents (Dec 2010)


"He is much more confident and therefore more adventurous with the ball."

- Ron Everett, Tom's dad (July 2010)


"Ministry of Football has encouraged my son to get involved, not just run around watching. Ultimately he is having a lot of fun, learning great techniques, and each week his confidence improves."

- Amy Gowan, Raphael's mum (March 2010)


"Felix has become much more confident. He especially likes the way that the sessions are not dominated by one or two more advanced players. It has helped him re-awaken his enthusiasm for football."

- Beth Shand, Felix's mum (Dec 2007)


"Sending my son along to the sessions run by Mark Carter and his coaching staff was the best football decision we ever made. Mark has been responsible for my son's development in football that has seen him represent his region at youth level. He combined an excellent mix of fun activities to develop skills, fitness and agility all in a positive learning environment. Overall, he has a great rapport with the kids he is involved with and the results are very positive"

- Ian Moody, Josh's dad, from the early days in 2007


"I like going to football on Sundays. It's great. I like learning new skills - passing better, dribbling, shooting. And it's great fun."

- Rishul Karia, aged 7 (April 2008)


"I have seen my girls show off their hidden talents, and they have shown great courage in playing with boys and being able to hold their own when playing in the football game itself. I have seen two quiet girls off the pitch change to two girls with confidence and skills."

- Mrs Henderson, Mother of Whitney and Shannon (July 2009)


"It's exciting and you can express yourself with skills and the music is great!"

- Brandon Rooks, aged 8 (Dec 2009)


"Ministry of Football has given Matthew better confidence to show his skills and abilities on the pitch. It has allowed him to produce without pressure."

- Mark Hutchison, Matthew's dad (July 2008)

"I've watched Harrison become so much more comfortable on the ball than he was before and he's constantly kicking a ball (a soft one!) around the house and practicing his skills."

- Harry's dad (December 2015)


"Nate came late to football and has rapidly improved his general ball control thanks to MoF's coaching. Fran is not particularly confident about trying new things. The care with which MoF's staff settle in new children ensured he soon overcame his shyness and now can't wait to attend every week."

- Nate and Fran's mum (December 2015)


"My sons really enjoy the sessions, they are very lively, teach them skills, grow their confidence with football. They are clearly motivated to do their best during them."

- Aidan and Cody's mum (December 2015)


"They love playing football! But in particular the coaches, the atmosphere and the structure. Both children really enjoy the exercise and training - it gives them huge pleasure to be learning new skills and seeing their game improve."

- Stanley and Ed's mum (December 2015)


"He enjoys the fun friendly environment and constant nature of MOF. Loves the competitive skills development through play sessions. No standing around waiting for drills and turns. Other skills development environments focus on the instructor and their ability to lead too much."

- Dilan's dad (December 2015)


"MoF has certainly helped William with ball control and confidence to give new skills and moves a try."

- William's dad (December 2014)


"Sacha's dribbling skills are remarkable compared to children of my generation and he has learnt them all at the Ministry"

- Sacha's dad (December 2014)


"I used to not be able to play at school because I didn't have the confidence, but now the boys fight over me to be on their team."

- Maisie, year 5 (December 2014)


"Fran's confidence and resilience when things don't go his way have been really helped by attending MofF. He knows he will get helped to get back on his feet and try again."

- Fran's parents (April 2014)


"In the first few weeks at MoF, Alfie's football skills developed tremendously. His brother had joined a club at a similar age and spent so long standing in queues waiting for his turn, or alternatively chasing a booted ball from end to end, that it took him much, much longer to start to develop the technical skills that Alfie developed in only a few weeks at MoF. "

- Alfie's parents (April 2014)


"Really excellent opportunity to help them improve their football skills and general fitness. Highly recommended!"

- Olivia's parents (April 2014)


"Fun sessions, lots of encouragement, coaches remember kids names, lots of variety, environment that aims to improve skills in a fun way, patient and motivated teachers"

- Kevin, Alec's dad (July 2013)


"I enjoy the challenges set to the children by the coaches and the small but invaluable words given to improve a child's technique and decison making. He enjoys the drills and games."

- Gerry, Anthony's dad (April 2013)


"Very friendly, kids (and parents) are not put under pressure to fit a certain mould, good location and good-sized hall, great coaches, variety and mix of skills and matches"

- David, Sam's dad (July 2012)


"He just loves fotball and these classes gives him the chance to enjoy it 100%"

- Travis' parents (July 2012)


"Constant playing, sklll focused, being able to try things without fear"

- Jake, Ben's dad (March 2012)


"I think your program is brilliant and compared to Little Kickers which Lucius went to before, it's so much better. The coaching and the different levels that the kids can aspire to are great."

- Steve, Lucius's dad (March 2012)


"Kido's ability to use both feet allows him to enjoy expressing himself all over the pitch. Thanks M.O.F."

- Brian, Kido's dad (Dec 2011)


"Really organised and constructive with passionate and enthusiastic coaches. The way the coaches interacted with the children was great. How lovely to see them bend down and talk to them at their level rather than shouting instructions which none of them hear or listen to!"

- Louise, Arthur's mum (Sept 2011)


"Being one of the better footballers at school has massively improved Tom's confidence."

- Tom's parents (July 2011)


"Lucy likes it because she gets to play lots of football. We (her mum and dad) like it because the emphasis is on sklll and enjoyment, not just competition."

- Charlie and Philip Dunn (July 2011)


"I really enjoyed watching the MoF in action. A great team of coaches."

- Ernie Brennan, National Children's Football Alliance (March 2011)


"He really enjoys the skills practice, and the music makes it fun. Helps him to be a better player for his Sunday league team."

- Arthur's dad (March 2011)


"Ministry has brought his confidence right up there. So happy with the skills he has learned, it has allowed him to play about with the ball when he's on his own."

- Spike's dad (March 2011)


"Raphael's confidence has grown hugely and it is great to see him really enjoying himself and learning more skills as the weeks progress."

- Raphael's parents (Dec 2010)


"It is nice to have a joint activity. I think it has helped us grow closer together."

- Daniel Morris, Ibby's dad, on the Parent-Child class (Dec 2010)


"Bradley needed to finish off perfecting his skills and fitness, away from his Saturday team. MoF has given him that."

- Bryan, Bradley's dad (Dec 2010)


"Luca seems more confident with a ball, and looks forward to his session every week."

- Tim, Luca's dad (Dec 2010)


"Fergus is becoming a technically much better footballer, and when he plays at his football club you can see it both in his movement and unselfish passing play."

- Fergus's parents (July 2010)


"I think that you and your team's efforts are really helping his confidence - and he has skills I haven't mastered yet!"

- Paul Wahlhaus, Ethan's dad (March 2010)


"Ministry of Football is helping my son to become a quicker player, whether it be his decision making, passing or creative skills, it's all performed in a high tempo, fun and safe environment. As a result, he was signed by QPR for their U9 team."

- Mr Rooks, Brandon Rook's dad (Dec 2009)


"He is more precise when shooting and passing the ball. I have seen him kicking the ball over a player to get past him. It's quite impressive that in a year practising skills he can do that."

- Valerie Chenais, Raphael's mum (July 2008)

"Now Benjamin can do drag backs - he didn't even know what they were before!"

- Benjamin McCarthy's dad (Dec 2009)

"An alternative ministry has arrived in Muswell Hill, preaching the word of all things rhythmic and spherical. The programme gives young players the freedom to develop their own weekly sessions, with guidance from coaches."

- Ham and High newspaper, January 2008

"Johnny has really grown in confidence as a player with Ministry. The children get a lot of time on the ball and the speed of play means they learn control and passing skills very quickly."

- Johnny's Dad (December 2015)


"When Nico started MoF, he didn't want to play football in his school because he said all the kids were very good. Now, he says he is in the top 5 and he has gained the confidence to play in the school and enjoy."

- Nico's Dad (December 2015)


"Osei really finds the event fun and enjoys the chance to score goals against his friends. He has learnt the team ethic and is learning what team work means."

- Osei's Dad (December 2015)


"Tomas is definitely a better, more thoughtful and skilful footballer as a result of the classes"

- Tomas's Dad (December 2015)


"Learning lots of skills no other football classes teach them; always busy and occupied; the variety; focus on having fun as well as skills; learning different set of skills to other classes; the many different games; being indoors even in Winter!"

- Harris and Jackson's Dad (December 2015)


"They can play football and do what every they want without any failure. No pressure environment where they are encouraged to take risks and try new skills."

- Maisie and Louis' Dad (December 2015)


"Just amazing to see how much he improves week by week"

- Alessandro's dad (December 2014)


"He has always played football at school at play time with friends but has been reluctant to join any clubs because he lacked confidence. Because he had two friends at MoF in Year 6 he finally let me put his name down for MoF and has absolutely loved it. He really likes the trainers at MoF, he likes the music, he's in the right group for his abilities, he's a genuine team player and he's learning skills that everyone else is chatting about at school."

- Jamie's mum (December 2014)


"The experience at MoF have now encouraged my boys to want to play football in the park"

- Ethan and Aiden's dad (December 2014)


"I used to be scared of playing with the boys at school and going to MoF has built my confidence and ability so I can actually take part at school"

- Maisie, year 4 (April 2014)


"Kian has vastly improved his technical ability, close control and taking players on."

- Kian's dad (July 2013)


"From my perspective watching some of the coaches teaching has been a pleasure. Samuel more often than not comes out of class on a high, he says he enjoys working on skills and practicing them in the mini matches."

- Samuel's dad (April 2013)


"A new environment for physical activity, delivered in a disciplined, challenging and happy / positive manner. And a happy / musical play-time slot each Sunday. She can't wait for each Sunday afternoon to arrive."

- Molly's dad (March 2012)


"It's great to see him laughing and having so much fun while learning new skills."

- Sam's dad (March 2012)


"Playing in small teams has helped him use his skills more and work more as a team."

- Theo's dad (Dec 2011)


"Both Evan & Dexter's football abilities have advanced massively since joining MoF. Evan particularly has begun to take a real interest in watching football and is beginning to understand the different skills needed when playing as part of a team."

- Steve, E&D's dad (Dec 2011)


"Finlay has been able to grasp and master specific football skills and techniques that I thought were far beyond his age-range. He is very pleased that he has been able to prove me wrong!"

- Finlay's dad (July 2011)


"Apollo is now able to tackle and is not afraid to join in now. Thank you"

- Apollo's parents (July 2011)


"Constant and dynamic training with very little wasted time. Well thought-out and prepared coaching."

- Ben's dad (March 2011)


"Every day he asks if it's football day, and we are so happy for that."

- Gabriel's parents (March 2011)


"The skills he learns go beyond simple passing and controlling the ball - there is more theory, but it is theory that is easily understandable. There are small-sided games so he touches the ball a lot."

- Josh's dad (March 2011)


"You are such a beacon of light in the murky world of children's football."

- Honor and Milo's mum (March 2011)


""It was a brilliant birthday party! We were particularly impressed with how you engaged and controlled the children without ever raising your voice."

- Charlotte, Ben's mum (Jan 2011)


"Sam is excited about coming to his football class. He hadn't done any football before and is learning new ball control skills and most importantly enthusiasm for the great game."


- Emily and Paul, Sam's parents (Dec 2010)


"MoF had helped my son in the limited time he's been attending to develop a better understanding of teamwork and active listening."

- David Buckland, Sam's dad (Dec 2010)


"Samuel was becoming disinterested in football and now he loves it."

- Adam Bass, Sam's dad (July 2010)


"The atmosphere at MoF is the key. It's an inclusive experience - all the players develop confidence."

- Gordon Ronald, Harry's dad (March 2010)


"Zac has definitely improved and enjoys trying tricks, his touch and general ability are much better. Overall, I think it's been very positive and the best football programme Zac has been to"

 - Tarik, Zac's dad (July 2008)


"Ministry of Football heralds a new way."

- Muswell Hill Journal, February 2008


"Danny had a serious illnness / injury that meant he wasn't fit for several months. The sessions at MOF were integral in his 'come back'; recovery of touch, fitness, and confidence."

- David Smith, Danny's dad (Dec 2009)


"Theresa remembers the activities used to teach skills and the enthusiastic attitude of the coaches which really made it an enjoyable experience for her. Her self-confidence and self-esteem grew consistently as she learned new techniques that she was able to use during games. Life skills such as reliability and commitment were another benefit. There is no doubt that the genuine interest and input of quality coaching in Theresa’s early football-playing years have made an enormous difference to the way she plays and thinks about the game today. She was taken seriously as a young, determined player, and she has since developed in to a seriously determined player who has stated her committed intention to play for her country one day."

- Alan Carbines, Theresa's dad (Dec 2007)


"Harry came in for the last 3 sessions of the term and really enjoyed it and was helped to settle in quickly. The level of coaching is superb and the atmosphere is very inclusive and the use of music really helps the boys with their football. Just wished we had come accross MOF much earlier!!"

-  Harry's dad (Jan 2010)


"The Ministry of Football programme is one of very few sports development programmes that truly allow children to experiment with their own ideas. The success of the programme - in terms of producing boys and girls who can play great football - is largely because of this non-prescriptive approach to teaching and learning."

- Marcus Tattersall, Senior Co-ordinator, Willington School, Wimbledon (Oct 2009)

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