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We take data protection seriously, and on this page you can see what data we collect, and how and why we collect it. You can also find out more about your right to be forgotten under the General Data Protection Regulation act of 2018.

Data Protection Officer

Mark Carter is the Data Protection Officer for Ministry of Football.

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What data we collect and how we use it

In order to ensure we are able to look after your child or children as well as we can, we need to collect data on them. This data is collected in our online consent form, and this form needs to be completed in full in order to enrol on any of our programmes. We will keep this data for the duration of the programme you enrol for.

The data we need from you are: Child's name, DOB, Male/female, School, Parents names and contact details, GP details, Medical conditions information.

During the programme you are enrolled in, you will receive emails from us with important information regarding the sessions your child attends. We may sometimes also contact you via text message or phone. If we seek your feedback on our programme, then we may contact you asking you to complete an online feedabck form towards the end of the programme you are enrolled for or immediatley following the end of the programme you are enrolled for.

We will use your contact details to tell you about the next term's programme following that which you enrol for. We do this so you have the option of keeping your child's place, on termly programmes for example. We will delete your contact and child infomation following the completion of the programme you have enrolled for, providing you do not enrol on the next programme.

There are tick box options on the online consent form, and by ticking these boxes you can give us permission to:

  • Put your contact details onto our mailing list. The mailing list sends out emails about twice a term, giving details of our latest offers, programmes, tournaments and events (using Mail Chimp). We sometimes also use mobile phone numbers on the mailing list to send text messages about tournaments, friendly games and other MoF events that fit with the age and ability of your child. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time by getting in contact by email, text message or phone.
  • Keep all your details securely for a further year. This may be a good option for you if you are taking a break from MoF programmes but intend to be back with us within a year. In this case, you wouldn't have to complete all your children's details again in the online consent form.

Where and how we store your data and who we share it with

You enter your data onto our online consent form, which is a Google Form stored on a secure drive. This data is then moved to an encypted spreadsheet from which we can print registers for sessions and programmes. The registers will show your child's name, payment status and consent status (whether you have completed the online form in full).

We share your children's consent form details with the MoF coaches so they know any specific needs of your child or children, and can plan on how best to look after them. 

If you tick the first tick box described above, then your email address is added to the mailing list on Mail Chimp.

We do not and will not share any data or information with any external organisation. 

How you delete the data we have for you

If your child or children are currently enrolled in one of our programmes, then we require the data on the online consent form in order to look after your child as best we can. We will delete your data once the programme you are enrolled in finishes, providing you have not enrolled in a further programme with us.

If your child is not enrolled on one of our programmes, then you can delete the data we hold by:

  • Emailing, phoning, or text messaging the Data Protection Officer - see contact details at top of page.

Unsubscribing to MailChimp emails will remove your email address from that mailing list only.

If you feel that we have not followed these processes, then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Contact us: If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know straight away.

Mark Carter, Data Protection Officer and Welfare Officer

07772 716 876

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